May 20

Corva’s bi-annual event showcasing the latest industry perspectives from leading operators, partners, and team leads. Learn what digital tools and practices the best operators are using for D&C operations as they seek to cut costs and improve ESG. Get a birds-eye-view into the fast-changing landscape of digital transformation from the front lines.

Join us at our Corva HQ at 1334 Brittmoore Road, Houston, Texas 77043. Can't make it in person? We will also be streaming it live to our YouTube channel.

The Future Starts Here.

  • Keynote

  • Drilling

  • Completions

  • Dev Center

• Integrations, Integrations, Integrations

• Rapid App Deployment with Corva's Dev Center Featuring Drill2Frac

• Powering the Digital Oilfield with Real-Time Data Quality 

• Integrated Offshore Drilling Platform: What the industry has been missing 

• Reimaging Well Data: All in One Place

• ESG Panel Discussion with Elevate & Global Affairs 


• Fundamentals and Applications of Real-Time Torque & Drag - Curtis Cheatham, Corva

• Integrating Drilling Context with Comments, Feed, & Alarms - Brooks Arnold, Corva

• Rig Control Systems and Autodriller Tuning - Paul Pastusek, ExxonMobil

• Complex Wells: Detailed Time Analysis and G&G Integration with the Log Viewer - Chris Schneider, Corva

• Enhanced Well Bore Placement - Jim Oberkircher, IADD 

• Metrics: Best-in-Class Performance Tracking - Darhan Sydykov, Corva


• Analyzing Offset Well Pressures in Real-time - Tom Coffey, Corva

• NexHub and Corva - Ben Dickinson and Ian Henkes, NexTier

• Comparing FR Usage: Why the Day & Night Shift Are Different - Mike Lowder, Corva

• WellView Stage Automation with Corva - Rob Hermann, Peloton

• The New Frontier: Twin Frac, Regina Choate, Corva

• Leveraging Drilling Data to Avoid Hazards and Improve Fracture Geometry - Jason Glascock, Drill2Frac

• Deploying Your 1st App - Michael Cortez, Corva

• Accessing Data From the Corva API - Branum Stephan, Corva

• Back-End App Guide: Real-Time Processing - Michael Cortez & Sai Yalamarty, Corva

• Integrating Corva Data Into Your Favorite BI In Minutes - Branum Stephan, Corva

• Front-End App Guide: Building Visualization Apps - Michael Cortez and Greg McDonald, Corva

• Quick Start Guide: Visualizing App Data in Traces & Alerts - Greg McDonald, Corva

• Integrating Real-Time Mud Data