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Unleash A New Era of Drilling

Corva’s industry leading App Store and Dev Center and Nabors’ SmartROS® universal rig controls and automation systems have joined forces to
unlock untapped levels of drilling efficiency, bridging the gap between edge and cloud solutions to improve ROI, reduce drilling dysfunction and mitigate hazards

SmartROS® and Predictive Drilling: Consistent, Efficient, Automated

Using SmartROS, Corva extends rig controls and real-time data pipelines from the wellsite to the E&P’s back office and mobile devices, enabling customers to drill safer and more effectively. Equipped with Nabors Smart Suite of drilling automation products, RigCLOUD Edge infrastructure, and Corva Apps and Dev Center, this integration empowers onsite and remote users to interact, analyze, and collaborate in powerful new ways.

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With Corva and Nabors Drive Consistency Across your Fleet Through:

  • The use of offset historical well data to improve efficiency in current well
  • Utilization of machine learning to determine optimal set points
  • Reduction of shock and vibration to reduce equipment wear
  • Leveraging AI-assisted recommendations to deliver the lowest cost per meter
Predictive Drilling

Ease of Adoption

A Permian Supermajor drilled this first batch of wells. The impressive results were in some regards outshined by the ease of deployment and integration into the drillers’ workflow. To have field utilization of Predictive Drilling increase to 80% of lateral footage drilled on the first pad speaks volumes of the design which simplified the drillers’, drill site managers’ and directional drillers’ workflows.

See the Future of Drilling in Action

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Corva is a leader in data-driven solutions for the energy industry with its first-of-its-kind cloud-based platform that empowers operators and service companies with real-time data visualization to maximize operations safely across geoscience, drilling and completions.

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