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Corva launches its 2023 App Bundle to further maximize drilling efficiency and improve performance across your crew and operations.

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Corva's 2023 App Bundle brings tremendous firepower to well design, offset well analysis, wellbore spacing, NPT reduction and managing tool life.

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These 7 Apps are now available at no cost during a trial period for any Corva Drilling Platform customer.

well objectives

Well Objectives

Set and monitor scorecard performance by easily comparing offset KPIs and real-time drilling results across fleet, including ROP and connection times.  Customize view based on percentile utilized for target metric.

 Instantly evaluate scorecard performance against offset wells
 Establish realistic targets based on your own performance across the fleet
 Management views for KPI performance across wells

Anonymous Insights

Design high-performing wells with access into successful neighboring wells and related KPIs in the same formation, or up to a 50-mile radius of a pad. Opt-in is required to anonymously share data.

 Identify best-in-class KPI’s on a vendor agnostic playing field
 Discover performance improvement opportunities
 Set attainable operational goals based on peer performance
anonymous insights
well schematic v3

Well Schematic

The Well Schematic app is a dynamic, visual representation of the wellbore and enables engineers to monitor their current well against offset wells. Gain greater insights during planning while viewing additional files and events associated with offset wells.

 Facilitates quicker distribution of changes to the schematic in real time
 Streamlines live visualization of wellbore diagrams across offset wells
 View Mud Weight, BHA’s, NPT, and other associated events during well construction


Monitor the location of your wells in relation to offset wells in real-time with ease. Improve collaboration across anti-collision teams with an app designed to help visualize key clearance parameters. Be one of the first Corva users to gain access and test this app today (with final release expected in April).

  Minimize risk of converging with another wellbore
  Enable anti-collision teams at the office or onsite to collaborate and make informed decisions using a common visualization
 Empower quicker iteration on anti-collision workflows
anti collision

Vibration Monitoring

Safely push your drilling equipment to the technical limits with Corva's Vibration Monitoring app. The app instantly shows how close tools are to reaching the manufacturer’s recommended operating specifications by automatically comparing all of your downhole shocks and vibration data against published technical limits in real time.

 Identify drilling parameters or formations which induce S&V in real time
 Enable drilling crew to react faster to adverse conditions
 Minimize the risk of running tools out of spec and/or costly repairs

NPT & Lessons Learned

Easily compare non-productive time and lessons learned amongst selected offset wells. Optimize operations by visually comparing in side-by-side view to specific events by hole section, operation, or time range.

 Avoid recurring lost time events before drilling begins
 Reduce time mining NPT spreadsheets for multiple wells
 Streamline lessons learned analysis by minimizing historical research
time analysis

Time Analysis

Gain visualization into flat and invisible lost time events to target efficiency with the Time Analysis app. Bring together wellsite reported time logs, BHAs, and section information into a single view with user-defined categories for drilling analysis.

 View, breakdown and analyze time log data
 Only app to easily visualize flat and invisible lost time not available in WITSML
 Utilize company specific time and phase code schema

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